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Wattpad & WriteOn: Chapter Twelve


What’s this?!

I told you I was productive on my trip.

Chapter Twelve for Two Thousand Years posted last night, where we finally find out Treyan’s fate on that infirmary bed.

Wattpad is here.

WriteOn can be found here.

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Who’s Who: Treyan, Crown Prince of the Empire


Treyan believed he had everything in his life planned for once the Empress arrived in the Empire, but when his banished brother, Reylor, takes it upon himself thwart his predestined plans, he begins to question everything his life has been built upon.

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1,000 Words: Flags on the field


Just a sneaky peek of what’s to come in Chapter Eight!


He pulled away from her, and suddenly. With his hand remaining behind her head, he dug in and pulled her hair, bringing her head up to him as close as the restraints would allow. Alex let you a silent scream as the tears came to her eyes. His red eyes penetrated hers as a look of complete disgust came over his face.

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