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Now Playing: Two Thousand Years

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One thing that has always motivated me is music.  And not even when it comes to writing.  I’ve always been a music love, having been a member of the school band from 4th grade to my senior year of high school.  And I always have to have something playing in the background, whether I’m driving my car, taking a shower, or just hanging out around the house.

When I write, it’s not much different, though I tend to let the music play to what’s going on rather than remain in the background.  A HUGE example of this is Two Thousand Years.

Initially, the premise for my novel was inspired by Billy Joel’s Two Thousand Years from his River of Dreams album.  It’s a little-known song but something about it called to me for yeas, and when the time came for me to start something new for NaNoWriMo in 2014, that was the first true inspiration I had.

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Wattpad & WriteOn: Chapter Eight


I was feeling motivated this weekend.

Chapter Eight has been revised and is now live on both Wattpad and WriteOn!

Wattpad is here.

WriteOn is here.

More to come!

1,000 Words: Flags on the field


Just a sneaky peek of what’s to come in Chapter Eight!


He pulled away from her, and suddenly. With his hand remaining behind her head, he dug in and pulled her hair, bringing her head up to him as close as the restraints would allow. Alex let you a silent scream as the tears came to her eyes. His red eyes penetrated hers as a look of complete disgust came over his face.

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Wattpad & WriteOn: Chapter Seven



… at least as far as its 2nd draft revisions are concerned.

I don’t know why this one took me so long to finish the revisions on this one, but I swear I was stuck at moving on from the first part forever.  It wasn’t until I started putting the effort and energy into this blog, Wattpad and WriteOn that the motivation to actually get these revisions done finally took over.

For those Wattpaddians out there, Chapter Seven can be found here.

For everyone else, it’s on WriteOn here.

Please let me know what you think!  Chapter Eight’s revisions are in the works so I hope to have it up sooner than later.  I actually cut the end of Chapter Seven off to move it over to Chapter Eight because I realize I’m tired of chapters ending and beginning with people waking up.

Anyway, thanks, and Happy Reading!

1,000 Words: Too many kingdoms…


We’re going to find out.

For this category, I’m going to post 1,000 words of text (more or less) that i’m currently working on, whether it’s new material, or older items I’m trying to revise.  It’s just something to further motivate me to get my revisions and editing done so I’m not sitting on it for longer than I have to.

So here goes-

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