100 Words: Chapter Eleven


In keeping up with my motivation to write and revise this weekend, I’ll give you the next 100 words of Chapter Eleven in hopes it gives ME the motivation to read through it and start working on the second draft.

And hey, maybe if enough people like this, I’ll give you another 100 words before the day is over.

Your choice!

I’ve also decided only 100 words at a time is hard… so maybe sometimes I’ll give you more, maybe a little less.  Right now, you’re looking at 255 words.

You’re welcome!


Treyan wasn’t next to her when she woke up, but then again, she didn’t truly expect him to be. The other side of the bed didn’t even look like it had been slept in at all overnight.

She sat up and then slowly settled herself back down as the remnants from the previous night’s drinking endeavors quickly came rushing to her head.  It’s not that she regretted what transpired, but they do say hindsight is 20/20 for a reason.

Even though it appeared to be his room she slept in, she was more than used to gentlemen making promises they’d never keep.  Not exactly the ideal way one starts a potential relationship, she thought to herself as she attempted to get herself out of bed again.  Her robe had found its way to the floor over the course of the night, so the crisp morning air prickled her naked skin.  It was the draft that caught her attention, and soon the source of the morning light.

As in her room, so it was in Treyan’s where the windows fanned along every wall, floor to ceiling, with the only cover being the heavy curtains that surrounded them.  Someone must have been about while she was sleeping this morning for the windows curtains were already tied back.  Picking up her robe, she draped it around her shoulders and held it closed at her bosom as she took a moment to allow herself to look out and admire the foreign land that would one day be hers.


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