100 Words: Chapter Nine


I changed my mind.

100 words is a much better tease than 1,000 words.

1,000 words is practically a whole chapter!

100 words is a decent paragraph.

Yup, from now on, 100 words it is!

So here you have the next part of Chapter Nine – the first part is already up on Wattpad and WriteOn, mainly because it’s done, and I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to finish Chapter Nine.  It’s not necessarily a long chapter, but it’s a dialogue-heavy and a major relationship-building point for Alex and Treyan, so there’s a lot of pressure to make sure it’s done right.  Enjoy!


He turned to her and walked back towards the table. He didn’t sit this time, but instead rested his hands on the back of his chair as he stood. “He weighed his options, and despite his teachings, he chose you.”

Alex peered at him. “Wait… what?”

Treyan nodded. “He chose you. He dreamt of you, and instead of letting it be and keeping it to himself, he chose you. Unfortunately, you were not his to have, and even though he knew this, he would not accept it. He became obsessed. His teachings turned dark, and he even tried so hard as to destroy the Annals as an attempt to change the Prophecy himself.”


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