Flash Fiction: Seven Deadly Sins


This week, Chuck Wendig asked us to write based on one of the seven deadly sins- the post is here for your viewing pleasure.  And of course I couldn’t pick just one, so Lust and Greed and Envy it is!  Could also contain spoilers for Two Thousand Years as this is snagged from my Reylor-centric novella, Reylor’s Lament, which begins after the events of Two Thousand Years, so please read  at your own discretion.  Also, could potentially be NSFW… you’ve been warned!


He knew their moans of pleasure could be heard throughout his castle, but at that moment it was the least of his concerns. Bria had been all too willing to please him as of late, and his mind often tend to wander to more primal needs; she had been his most faithful servant ever since the Palace fell, and with so much weighing on his mind as of late, he required a distraction, albeit of a sexual nature, and so he accepted her pleas and gave her what she wanted.

She didn’t need to know that she was not the one on his mind as he took advantage of her womanhood as the days rose and the nights fell.

When he was again finished with her he rolled off of her heaving form, sitting naked on the edge of his bed as he bound his dark blond hair back with a cord lying on the table next to his bed. In his nakedness he walked over to the balcony doors of his sleeping quarters, and as he opened the heavy curtains to let in the moonlight, he could feel the night’s chill creep through the ancient window panes. He leaned his arm against the cool glass, resting his forehead against his forearm as he looked out into the darkness of the evening. His warm breath created a fog on the chilled window as he surveyed what little lay before him.

Better known as the Borderlands, he called them home. They were not much to look at, he had accepted that fact long ago, but they were still his, at least for the moment. The earth was craggy and unsuitable for any actual growth, most likely due to the damage caused by the now- dormant volcano that huddled in the distance. There was no easy path between the Borderlands the castle, so it did make patrolling for intruders easier on his men. Even as he stood there, his armies remained ready for the final advance.The firelight in the distance beyond the Borderlands signalled the Empire was awaiting their next attack, but when that would be even he was uncertain. Above the haze he swore he could still see the smoke rising from the long-deserted Palace.

“My lord…” a voice purred behind him.

Reylor closed his eyes and let out a long sign before his aggravation got the better of him. True, she had been his most trusted companion since their escape from the palace, but there were still times he found himself wishing she had gone missing beneath the rubble with the rest of them. “You’re still here…” he muttered to himself, more of an observation than a question, and he eventually turned his attention back towards his evening’s companion.

She leaned up on her arm as her dark hair cascaded along her naked body. It wasn’t that she wasn’t attracted, he admitted, but she definitely first on his list. In fact, he wasn’t really sure if she was even on his list. His tastes belonged to a more royal bloodline, and she was merely a placeholder until she returned.

“My lord,” she began as she stretched, “the young Prince will be asleep well until dawn. I won’t need to be anywhere until then…”

She may have thought she was being coy, but Bria wasn’t the brightest flame either. Reylor knew exactly what she wanted, and he felt as though he owed it to her to keep his patience. At least until the babe was old enough to survive without requiring constant supervision. Before then, this woman would satisfy his certain needs, and he would find another fool to face the brunt of his temper once the suns rose in the morning.

Keeping his composure was getting harder as the days passed on. Without trace of his brother, the Empress, or the remaining child anywhere within the Empire, keeping his goals in line was getting harder when none of them were there to share it with him. He didn’t know how many other patrols he could send out in search of the royal family, but he knew even his most devoted soldiers grew wary of the fruitless search. But without them, who else could appreciate how much he had accomplished since their departure? If he couldn’t find them to torture them with his success, what would truly be the point? Armies could only conquer so much, but it’s the vengeance he truly craved.

The vengeance and the bloodline…

Anger took over him again as the memories of the deceit he encountered ran anew through his veins. He should have know better. Bria should have known better. The moment there was a female born a signal should have been sent up and all plans revised. But instead she stupidly brought him the wrong newborn, leaving all of this almost for not.

Almost, but not completely. True, he was stuck with the second- born to a fallen Empire and no Empress to call his own, but not everything has to remain as the history book says.
He made sure of that when he destroyed it.

The Annals, the Prophecy, and all the Empire stood for, now buried in a pile of rubble that knew was simply his for the taking. The Council would be his greatest obstacle, but even those soulless sheep could never deny him his birthright.

But he would be nothing without her by his side.

In a fit of furious passion, Reylor rushed the bed, and without a word flipped Bria over and began to take her from behind. Her surprised yelps soon turned to orgasmic screams as his rage translated to violent thrusts. Just the thought of Alexstrayna was enough to make him hard, and the fury of missing her became Bria’s passionate suffering.


And as his climax rose, he couldn’t help but say her name. All of their suffering – all of his suffering – was for her and because of her.

And he would raze the entire Empire to the ground if that’s what it took to bring her back.



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  1. This has the makings of a fantasy epic. I especially liked how he accidentally ended up with the second-born child. It’s a nice play on the tropes of the genre.

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