Who’s Who: Treyan, Crown Prince of the Empire


Treyan believed he had everything in his life planned for once the Empress arrived in the Empire, but when his banished brother, Reylor, takes it upon himself thwart his predestined plans, he begins to question everything his life has been built upon.

Physical Description:  shoulder-length black hair, piercing blue eyes that seem to glow with their own light, muscular build, tanned complexion, and whole head taller than Alex when standing.

Distinctive Features:  his eyes are the most striking feature of an Empire-born

What is their home like?:  Treyan was born and raised within the Empire, another realm much different than the world we currently know, until it was time to retrieve the Empress.  At that time, he found himself in Boston for five years before turning to him home.

Personality:  Charismatic and honorable, bound by duty more than anything else, with a hint of sarcasm

Occupation/Education:  Crown Prince of the Empire destined to rule, educated by the Council in the ways of diplomacy, etc.

Religion/Politics:  Follows the Annals and believes in the Prophecy, ruled by the Empire and it’s monarchy

Background:  Treyan lost his mother when he was young, and never knew his father.  Together he and his twin, Reylor, were raised by the Councilor, in the ways of the Empire-born- raised to rule and live by the Prophecy without question, patiently waiting for the day he would leave to bring the Empress to the Empire.

Likes:  swordplay and horses

Dislikes:  Reading and studying, or anything that makes him question his beliefs.

Family & Friends:  His mother Saratanya (deceased), his father Axell (missing), his brother Reylor (banished), otherwise raised by the Council

Quirky Habit:  Perks eyebrow, rather cynically, whenever he questions something he’s told

Enemies:  Reylor and anyone else sworn against the Empire

Wants:  The Empress, and the ability to fulfill his destiny

What’s stopping them from achieving goals?:  *SPOILER ALERT*  Once Reylor compromises the Empress, it sets in motion events that will change everything Treyan once believed in, leaving him to now question everything himself.


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