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Wattpad & WriteOn: Chapter Fifteen


HOLY CRAPBALLS!  How did this happen?

As I told my Wattpad followers, remember that time you edited your draft so much that you were much further into your revisions than you initially thought and were able to get two chapters revised and updated in just as many days??


So Chapter Fifteen has posted.

We have had a time lapse and are now on the eve of Alexstrayna’s coronation.

Will it go off without a hitch? Or will Reylor and his minions crash the Empress’ festivities?

Only one way to find out…

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Wattpad & WriteOn: Chapter Fourteen


So let me tell you a little bit about Chapter Fourteen.

It’s brand new.

That’s right.

This is, in essence, a brand hew, first time ever seen, draft of a chapter that was never done before.

You’re welcome.

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Wattpad & WriteOn: Chapter Thirteen


Chapter Thirteen has been posted!

Don’t let the unlucky stigma of the number fool you – in this chapter, Alex and Treyan get VERY lucky…

I have to say it’s one of my favorites, to date.  And I think they only get better from here.

It was also the chapter that, in essence, took me the longest to revise.

For a time, I had a version 1.5 out there, and I had stopped at a certain love scene one would find in this chapter, because I didn’t really know how I wanted it to happen.  And then I pretty much just stopped revising all together.

Initially, what happens in this chapter I had happen back in Chapter Ten after Alex and Treyan shared their late-night snack, but I considered it a bit and decided they needed a little more time to get more up close and personal.

Just a little.

So I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Wattpad & WriteOn: Chapter Twelve


What’s this?!

I told you I was productive on my trip.

Chapter Twelve for Two Thousand Years posted last night, where we finally find out Treyan’s fate on that infirmary bed.

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Let me know what you think!

I have returned!

new cover

And with me, I bring something new!

That’s right, a new cover for Two Thousand Years!  Isn’t it so much more majestic than the old one?

Why the change?  Because I wanted to.

I’m finally getting into the meat of my story and I’m thinking I need more drama than floating rainbow orbs (which was exactly what I google’d when I search for the initial picture way back when).

Anyway, I’m back home now and ready to get into the normal swing of things once again.  San Francisco was awesome, and I suggest anyone who hasn’t been there to visit it ASAP.

I was also extremely productive while I was there – I found plenty of time to revise, revise, revise and I should have not one, not two, but THREE chapters posted before the weekend is done.


So thanks for the patience, and I hope I don’t disappoint!

Wattpad & WriteOn: Chapter Eleven


That’s right, lovely followers – Chapter Eleven has been posted!

*pats self on the back*

Now I can focus on more important things… like packing for my trip to San Francisco on Thursday.

Have no fear, though!  Chapter Twelve to the end of the novel are bound together with a rather large binder clip, currently sitting in my backpack, waiting to be carried onto the plane for 6 hours and 45 minutes worth of revising.

Have I mentioned I hate flying?

Anyway, I may have a Flash Fiction posted before I leave – it all depends on how much I can get done between now and then- otherwise I’ll be back to my usual antics after I return next Tuesday.

In the meantime, go read!  Eleven chapters should keep you occupied until I return.

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Happy Reading!

21 Days to a Novel

Books HD

I’m always looking for something new and interesting when it comes to writing, so when my fellow WriMo ced17 told me about this book, I knew it was something I had to look into.

The book is called 21 Days To A Novel, and it’s by Michael A. Stackpole (you can find it on here).  From my understanding, the title is pretty self-explanatory in that t gets you to writing your first draft within 21 days.

At first I thought it was a crazy idea, but then I remembered that NaNoWriMo tries to get you to write one in 30 days, so what’s one less week?

So, before looking into the book myself, my friend gave me a quick rundown as to how this is supposed to work, so I think I’m going to give it a try when I go to write Book Three- Beginning’s End.

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100 Words: Chapter Eleven


In keeping up with my motivation to write and revise this weekend, I’ll give you the next 100 words of Chapter Eleven in hopes it gives ME the motivation to read through it and start working on the second draft.

And hey, maybe if enough people like this, I’ll give you another 100 words before the day is over.

Your choice!

I’ve also decided only 100 words at a time is hard… so maybe sometimes I’ll give you more, maybe a little less.  Right now, you’re looking at 255 words.

You’re welcome!

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Wattpad & WriteOn: Chapter Ten


In which Alex and Treyan have some much needed conversations over food.

And wine.

Lots of wine.

A second chapter revised in the same week?  MB is on a roll!

Well, I had a window of free time this morning, so I brought myself to Panera to write, as I often do, and four (4) hours later, I was done revising Chapter Ten.

Amazing, it’s it?

I think the hardest part with this particular revisions was one of two things – first, I didn’t want Treyan to come across as a complete creeper, and two, I didn’t want Alex to seem so readily accepting.  Whether I achieved either of these through this draft, you’ll have to tell me, otherwise it will be revisited come Revisions Round Three.

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Read. Follow. Vote. Like. Comment.

But more of all, enjoy!

Wattpad & WriteOn: Chapter Nine


I changed my mind- I tend to do that a lot.

Last weekend I had posted the first part of Chapter Nine to Wattpad and WriteOn because 1) it was done, and 2) I knew the second part would take me a lot longer to revise, so better to get something up than nothing at all.

But the more I think about it, the more I consider what’s to come, story-wise, and I’ve decided that Chapter Nine is remaining as it is, and the remainder of the draft will become Chapter Ten.  There’s a lot of heavy dialogue coming up, and I think I need to centralize that more.

So yeah… Chapter Nine is up, Chapter Ten will post this weekend.

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Happy Reading!