Who’s Who: Alexstrayna, Queen Empress of the Empire


Alex was a pretty average young woman living in Boston until the stranger, Treyan, brings her to the Empire.  It’s not until she’s tested and tried to her limits that her true potential is discovered.

Physical Description:  long auburn hair with a slight wave, side-parted, no bangs.  Brown eyes.  Turns 25 years old just as the story begins.  Supple chest, slender with broad hips and long legs.

Distinctive Features:  Not much extraordinary until the Mark of the Empress, a starburst scar warm to the touch, is bestowed upon her forehead.  Can understand the language of the Empire, even though she had never heard it before, and is unable to speak it in return.

What is their home like?:  Boston, MA – lives in a one-bedroom, one-bath ground floor apartment by herself

Personality:  Realistic.  Caring and loyal, but quick to lose her temper.

Occupation:  Starbucks barista until her coronation to Queen Empress; graduated with her Associates degree in liberal arts

Religion/Politics:  Atheist / Liberal

Background:  Alex has a strained relationship with her parents who hold prominent jobs while she works as a barista barely makes ends meet paycheck to paycheck.  She was never certain what she wanted to do with her life, and made the move to Boston in hopes of finding it.

Likes:  city life, partying, drinking, coffee, chick-lit

Dislikes:  being forced into situations against her will, much like what her parents tried to do to her

Family & Friends:  her two parents, no siblings, and her best friend, Crystal

Quirky Habits:  bits her lip when she is nervous, would rather run from a problem than solve it head-on

Enemies:  None until she’s taken to the Empire, where Reylor and his minions are just waiting for her….

Wants:  purpose and recognition, approval

What’s stopping them from achieving goals?:  lack of motivation or knowing how to actually achieve the goals she doesn’t know she has


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