1,000 Words: Flags on the field


Just a sneaky peek of what’s to come in Chapter Eight!


He pulled away from her, and suddenly. With his hand remaining behind her head, he dug in and pulled her hair, bringing her head up to him as close as the restraints would allow. Alex let you a silent scream as the tears came to her eyes. His red eyes penetrated hers as a look of complete disgust came over his face.

“You told him…,” he snarled.

“Enough, Reylor. Move away from her. Now.”

A wave of relief swept over Alex’s body as the familiar voice again came to her rescue.

“Tsk, tsk, Treyan…” Reylor threw her head down on the bed in an unceremonious fashion and crawled off of her to face his brother. “Breaking your own rules now, are we? Whatever will the Council think…”

“Let her go.” His tone ever waivered.

Reylor spread his arms out before him in defeat. “I seem to have misplaced the keys…”
A red bolt of power whizzed pass Reylor’s head, colliding with the wall above the bed. Alex had to close her eyes and move her head away so as not to suffer damage from the falling debris.

“Hopefully that will jog your memory.”

Reylor shook the dust from his shirt. “It’s always fire first, ask later, isn’t it, Treyan?” With a snap of his fingers the chains from Alex’s extremities disappeared. She sat herself up immediately, backing away from Reylor and pushing her dress down in the process. She rubbed the tender areas of her wrist where the chains once were as she surveyed the scene before her.

It was the same bedroom as in her dream, dark and foreboding, but the presence of the third party seemed to brighten up the ambiance. Treyan stood towards the end of the bed wearing a suit of white armor with a blue cape donning an unknown symbol billowing behind him. He held a sword in his right hand, aimed towards Reylor, which seemed to glow with a dull red light rather than any metal she had ever seen.

“Nice to see you again, Treyan, though if I had known it was going to be such a formal occasion, I would have made sure my suit was polished and ready for your arrival.”
As the two brothers faced off, Reylor remained standing with his hands by his side, unconcerned about any possible threat that could be aimed at him. He himself wore a loose black shirt, tight breeches, and not much else. His blond hair was loose around his shoulders, with his red eyes pierces through the strands in his face. Alex resolved that he would have even been attractive if he wasn’t insane.

“How did you do it?” Treyan’s demanding tone broke into her thought process.

“Do what, brother?” Reylor asked as a smug smile crossed his face.

“You know what….”

“Well, Treyan, while you were out and about being all chivalrous, rescuing the damsel in distress, some of us find the need to spend their time focusing on more serious…practices…

“Don’t play with me, Reylor,” Treyan warned as he took another step towards his brother with his sword outreached.

“NO, Treyan… it is YOU who should not play with ME.” As an added emphasis to his threat, he held his hand out towards Alex, a blue ball of flame growing between his fingertips. A surprised yelp escaped her lips as she backed herself further against the headboard of the bed, afraid to move beyond the bed lest Reylor’s temper explode.

That stopped Treyan in his tracks, but his eyes remained on his brother. “You wouldn’t. You would never go through all of this trouble to end it now.”

“Well, it’s evident enough that it was more than enough to capture your attention. How long you’ve been waiting for this?”

“Enough, Reylor… we’re leaving….”

“ANSWER ME.” The blue power within his hands increased in intensity as his rage grew. Alex jumped back from the bed this time, backing up against the balcony doors. The glass was cold against her back, but she had nowhere else to run.

Treyan glanced at her then, as if debating his next move. If they were truly in a dream, what damage could possibly be done? There seemed to be more going on here than Alex could comprehend, so for her sake she hoped Treyan chose correctly.

“… since the day mother read us the Prophecy.”

“Oh. Isn’t that precious. And how long before you emerged yourself in her world? Did you stalk her out, or watch her from afar?”

“That’s not how it works, Reylor…”

“And then what? What happy ending do you have in store for the Empress elect?”

“More than you could ever give her….”

“I WAS NEVER GIVEN THE CHANCE!” Unexpectedly, Reylor brought both of his hands forward and immediately shot blue flames forwards towards Treyan without hesitation.
Alex was about to shout out a warning, but Treyan was already waiting for him. From his offhand emerged a red light and it soon covered him like a shield, just in time to deflect the flame racing towards him.

Alex took this as her chance to her opportunity to escape Reylor’s clutches. She crouched down and remained low to the ground, trying to find the best way to get to Treyan from her position next to the bed. In the midst of their back and forth, h must have noticed her move because he nodded in her direction. Suddenly the shield of light he was using to protect against his brother’s advances expanded and flung its growing power back towards Reylor, forcing him off his feet and into the nearby wall. The impact must have stunned him for his body slumped to the ground, his eyes closed and motionless. Alex looked on in shock as Treyan grabbed her by the arm and pulled her up next to him. She couldn’t keep her eyes from the unconscious brother, or the power that rendered him as such.
Taking advantage of her distraction, Treyan brought her face towards his, and without another word, he kissed her with force.

Again, the world turned to black.



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