Places: Boston


Oh, Boston you’re my home…

It seemed only appropriate to set the real-world portion of my story in a world I was quite familiar with myself.

Boston, Massachusetts.

Having been born and raised only twenty miles south of the city, Boston has been a central part of my upbringing, even to this day. From visiting the Children’s Museum on school field trips, to taking the T in shop around with friends, and into my adult years visiting friends for dinner and drinks- the city was just a way of life that I could never get away from.

Believe me, I tried.

But there’s no place like home.

Which is why I knew Alex needed to be from Boston.  It was what I knew the best, and if you can’t have at least one character to relate to, what can you have?

In a city of about 645,000 people, it would be easy to not notice the one person who’s been following you for five years (i.e. Treyan) and with its deep culture and melting pot abilities, he would be easy to blend in, foreign accent aside.

And in a city so big, it would be easy for an independent twenty-something with a strained relationship with her parents to go missing without sound an alarm.

Sad, but true.

I’ll have a few more blurbs about specific places as I come upon them (Ned Devine’s, Alex’s apartment) but this is a good place to start for now.

Also, I have the first six (6) chapters of Two Thousand Years up on Wattpad right now.  Go check ’em out!


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