1,000 Words: Too many kingdoms…


We’re going to find out.

For this category, I’m going to post 1,000 words of text (more or less) that i’m currently working on, whether it’s new material, or older items I’m trying to revise.  It’s just something to further motivate me to get my revisions and editing done so I’m not sitting on it for longer than I have to.

So here goes-


This room was smaller than the library, and most of its space was occupied by a long banquet- like table surrounded by matching high- backed chairs.  Along the walls, similar doors led away from the center room but they were all closed to curious eyes.  Alex assumed they were the private chambers for the Council’s members, but without actually looking into one, she would never know for sure. As the two walked in, the Councillor was already standing at the end of the table furthest from them while the other four members of the Council stood behind their respective chairs.  Treyan placed his hand at the base of her back, causing her to jump at his unexpected touch.  He smiled at her jitteriness and motioned to the chair closest to them as he left to take his place at the chair to right of her.  The chair on her left remained empty as though there was one more was to joint them, but the others didn’t seem to notice as they took their seats. Realizing then that she was the only one left standing, she quickly sat herself down at the table.

The Councillor did not waste any time.  With thin arms emerging from his robe, he raised his hands above his head and began.

“Before us sits the Neo- Empress Alexstrayna, the first of her line, the daughter of Saviors, the mother of Princes, and the Light of the Empire.”

“The Light of the Empire,” the others echoed in response with heads bowed.  Even Treyan quietly participated in their chant.

She decided silence was the best course of action as the Councillor continued, his attention directed towards her.

“We have no time to delay.  Empress, with all due respect, you must be coronated as soon as the suns allow.  Our empire is under dire conditions, and the sooner we can reunite you and the Prince, the stronger our forces will become against the attacks from Reylor the Banished.”

Alex looked from one hooded figure to another, then back to the Councillor.  She avoided Treyan as she cleared her throat to ask the question she already knew the answer to, and realized her mouth was suddenly parched as all remained eyes on her.  “…. who is the Prince?”

The Councillor’s gazed shifted to Treyan, as did the other members of the Council.  Treyan merely shrugged and smiled sheepishly.  The Councillor signed in exasperation.

“My lady, Treyan is the Prince of the Empire.”

Of course he was.  She vaguely remembered him being referred to as such, but her mind didn’t want to make the connection until now.  Dreading where the rest of this conversation was heading, she ventured on.

“You mentioned reuniting the Empress with the Prince.”  She glanced at Treyan from the corner of her eye.  “… what exactly does that entail?”

The Councillor nodded as though he was hoping she would ask, and with a flick of his wrist, a large white globe of light appeared at the center of the table.  Colors swirled in and out and settled to show scenes that should be a part of a history lesson, much like the ones she saw in the library.

“Years ago, twin sons were born to our Empire.  Two Princes predestined to lead us into another era of peace and beauty.”  An image of wrapped babes within adult arms came into view.  The woman holding them was the same as the one in the portrait she saw earlier.

The orb shifted to show two young boys, one with dark hair, the other with golden, holding hands before a fresh grave.  “When the Queen Empress passed, the young Princes grew strong in the ways of our world, training daily in both physical combat and scholarly literature.”    She glanced over at Treyan then, wondering how this memory was treating him.  Just as expected, his eyes remained on the orb as his expression remained solemn.  One could only imagine how it felt to have the most traumatic point of your childhood replayed before an audience.

If he noticed, the Councillor paid him no mind as he continued with his recount. “The young princes grew together as all brothers should, and as they matured each had their own unique talents to hone as their own.”   The orb showed the same two boys, older now, training and learning together.  Where the features of one were darker, the other possessed a lighter complexion, but the similarities between the two could not be overlooked.  The images then started to shift quicker, focusing on each boy individually- the dark haired brother showed skill with a sword and other various weapons, while the blonde seemed to spend his time among books and scrolls, conducting experiments of his own design.  

“As they grew into young men, however, it was determined that their paths would lead to different ends, and jealousy soon torn the brothers apart.”  To added emphasis, the central globe pictured of the two Princes, one definitely resembling Treyan, while the other, clearly having the family resemblance, was fairer in coloring but darker in the eyes.  A sudden bolt of lightning tore the image of the brothers apart, and as they split, their eyes began to glow- Treyan’s his striking bright blue, the brother’s a glowing, demonic red.  

Alex had seen those red eyes before.

The memory of her nightmare caused a sudden stabbing pain through her skull, as if her head was head was being bombarded with a spray of bullets.  She held her hands to her temples and squeezed her eyes tight.  It all felt too real for her to let it go, but she didn’t want to cause another scene when everything was finally coming together.  She needed something to keep her grounded, and running away again wasn’t an option, so she went with the next best thing.  She reached her hand over to hold Treyan’s already on the table.  She didn’t look at him, but she knew he had been watching her the moment her hands went up. Could he see the confusion and fear on her face?  As if in answer, he took her hand in his and gave it a squeeze, as if to reassure her of his understanding.  His other hand came up, and in a flourished motion, he willed the orb to black and void of any further scene.


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