So apparently, there’s this thing where you can actually post your stories for public review.

But wait, MB… doesn’t that go against everything you just complained about?

Yes, but let me explain.

I think I want my story out there, bit by bit, as I revise it, because if it’s out there, somewhere, and someone – the right one- sees it, then maybe it won’t all be for naught?

Or I could just be setting myself up for ridiculous failure.

Anyway, the Prologue and Chapter One of Two Thousand Years are up on Wattpad right now!

I have a few more chapters that are on their second revision, so I’ll get those up too.

Thanks guys – I needed this.


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  1. You may not be aware that only members of Wattpad can read what’s posted there. So your blog readers may not be able to. Also, if you discover you’re not that happy with Wattpad (it’s enormous and very hard to get noticed), you might try Write On, Amazon’s much smaller site. It’s similar, but the chances of being seen and getting useful comments are greater.

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