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Who’s Who: Alexstrayna, Queen Empress of the Empire


Alex was a pretty average young woman living in Boston until the stranger, Treyan, brings her to the Empire.  It’s not until she’s tested and tried to her limits that her true potential is discovered.

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1,000 Words: Flags on the field


Just a sneaky peek of what’s to come in Chapter Eight!


He pulled away from her, and suddenly. With his hand remaining behind her head, he dug in and pulled her hair, bringing her head up to him as close as the restraints would allow. Alex let you a silent scream as the tears came to her eyes. His red eyes penetrated hers as a look of complete disgust came over his face.

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Wattpad & WriteOn: Chapter Seven



… at least as far as its 2nd draft revisions are concerned.

I don’t know why this one took me so long to finish the revisions on this one, but I swear I was stuck at moving on from the first part forever.  It wasn’t until I started putting the effort and energy into this blog, Wattpad and WriteOn that the motivation to actually get these revisions done finally took over.

For those Wattpaddians out there, Chapter Seven can be found here.

For everyone else, it’s on WriteOn here.

Please let me know what you think!  Chapter Eight’s revisions are in the works so I hope to have it up sooner than later.  I actually cut the end of Chapter Seven off to move it over to Chapter Eight because I realize I’m tired of chapters ending and beginning with people waking up.

Anyway, thanks, and Happy Reading!



So let’s give something else a try.

I’ve now posted first seven-ish chapters to WriteOn by Kindle.

Apparently this is a more public forum, with more exposure.


And you don’t need an account to read them.

Fingers crossed.

Revisions and Novel Planning


Sometimes I feel revisions and planning come hand-in-hand, especially when you know what you’ve already written, and have an idea as to what you want to write in the future, if you haven’t written it already.

Lucky for me, I have about 150,000 to currently work with, at my disposal, and counting.

I finished my first draft of Two Thousand Years four days before the November 2014 NaNoWriMo cutoff.  I ended at 53,171 words, which was the most I had ever written, at that time in my life.  Currently, I’m working on revising the second draft with over 60,000 words- I’m in the midst of Chapter Seven, and all is currently up on Wattpad if anyone wants to look them over (the shameless plugs will never end).  I expect three to four to five more drafts before I even consider making it more of a serious endeavor.

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1,000 Words: Too many kingdoms…


We’re going to find out.

For this category, I’m going to post 1,000 words of text (more or less) that i’m currently working on, whether it’s new material, or older items I’m trying to revise.  It’s just something to further motivate me to get my revisions and editing done so I’m not sitting on it for longer than I have to.

So here goes-

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Places: Boston


Oh, Boston you’re my home…

It seemed only appropriate to set the real-world portion of my story in a world I was quite familiar with myself.

Boston, Massachusetts.

Having been born and raised only twenty miles south of the city, Boston has been a central part of my upbringing, even to this day. From visiting the Children’s Museum on school field trips, to taking the T in shop around with friends, and into my adult years visiting friends for dinner and drinks- the city was just a way of life that I could never get away from.

Believe me, I tried.

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So apparently, there’s this thing where you can actually post your stories for public review.

But wait, MB… doesn’t that go against everything you just complained about?

Yes, but let me explain.

I think I want my story out there, bit by bit, as I revise it, because if it’s out there, somewhere, and someone – the right one- sees it, then maybe it won’t all be for naught?

Or I could just be setting myself up for ridiculous failure.

Anyway, the Prologue and Chapter One of Two Thousand Years are up on Wattpad right now!

I have a few more chapters that are on their second revision, so I’ll get those up too.

Thanks guys – I needed this.

In the beginning…


I’ve been thinking for a while how I should start this blog off and how to do it right.

It took a jerkoff criticizing my work to give me that final motivation.

I’ve been writing for years, but I was finally able to channel that creativity through NaNoWriMo, and it wasn’t until 2014’s event that I finally found my Muse, so to speak.

And so, I’ve created this world and these characters and have allowed myself to become submerged in the drama I have created for them.

I thought it was good.

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